The four-star Spa Hotel “Hissar” is one of the biggest spa centres in the country. Combining nature, refined style, unique conveniences and comfort, it is a preferred place for holidays and business meetings!

Hotel Hissar- Spa Complex offers 106 modern furnished rooms including 70 double rooms , 11 bedrooms , 3 single rooms , 2 rooms for disabled people 17 studios, 4 apartments with separated room. All rooms are furnished and equipped in accordance with the European standards for international tourism. The rooms are air-conditioned: there are bath-tubes with healing mineral water, hairdryer, mini-bar, cable television and telephone.

For the convenience of the guests the complex offers the following facilities: laundry, ironing clothes, room-service.

The restaurant part of the hotel includes 2 restaurants – Prestige and Panorama, Lobby Bar, Bistro, Water Bar. The restaurant Prestige is located on the ground floor. It offers 270 seats and dishes for connoisseurs.. Restaurant Panorama offers 80 seats and guarantees you an esthetic delight with its beautiful view. It is located on the 5th floor and here you can contemplate the whole hotel scenery from the terrace. The hotels also includes: The Lobby Bar , Bistro Bar and the Water bar are located near the outdoor swimming pool.

SPA centre offers different programs for reduction of the weight, losing fat and cellulite, shaping of bust and bottom. It offer 20 therapies from professional series of REGAL-made by Rosa Impex and BINELLA. SPA centre aslo offers special programs for treatment, prophylaxis, restoration and detoxication. There is a modern furnished physiotherapy sector for electrolysis and light treatment, massage rooms- where besides the classical and medical massage, there are also hot-stone, honey and chocolate massages, Aurveda therapy. Some programs and suggestions:

The fountain of life is a tub where the hydro-massage is combined with suitable healing aromas, colors and music thus restoring your energy balance. Besides hydro-massage this apparatus offers ozone, treated pearl massage or combination of both massages by means of turbo system. This unique procedure works against the stress, sets free the tension of the muscles, fills with energy and reconstructs the skin. We guarantee something different.

For Me Evolution – is a tub that offers hydro and pearl-massage or combination of both massages with an opportunity for ozoning. It is preferred for lower limb massage-type lympho-drainage.

HOT STONE MASSAGE – energy from the nature. This is unique esthetic method combining the energetic influence of volcanic magma stimulating positive energy of the natural crystals and manual massage relax. All this is done on the background of magnificent music and soft fragrances. The cosmetic products that are used are of natural origin. What is this massage like? The amazingly smooth stones that are heated in advance/ they are certified for their origin/ contact with the body and transfer to it their natural energy with the help of which we overcome the tiredness and stress, thus restoring our nervous system. With the help of this wonderful massage the energetic disbalance is removed, our ability to concentrate and think positively is stimulated. The blood and lymph circulation is facilitated: the oxygen supply to the cells is improved and at the same time the toxins are being thrown away. The natural lava-stone warmth relaxes the muscles and improves the joint flexibility. Special massage methods remove cellulite and excess fat. Where does the secret of these stones lie? The sun and the water have charged them with mysterious energy that restores the body balance activating its energy movement and distributing the body energy optimally. The aim of volcano stone massage is to eliminate the changes in the vitality levels, which are the reason for different physical disorders and to stimulate the positive energy flow , good health and spiritual harmony.